Introducing the LowLife Motorcycle Air Suspension Performance Product Line

Designed with comfort and performance in mind, the LowLife Motorcycle Air Suspension product line is the all inclusive package that will get your bike riding the way you’ve always dreamed of.
Half the Cost


With Strutmasters being in the automotive industry for a long period of time we get better pricing on specialty shocks made for any type of application. We pass along the savings to our customers. This has allowed us to offer a fully custom suspension system for half the cost of our competitors!!


LowLife Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits are engineered for comfort. These shocks make long road trips a breeze by allowing the rider to adjust the height and stiffness to their liking. No more balancing on your tip toes and no more stiff rides.


Low Life shocks are built to order shocks that come with full displaced motorcycle valving for compression and extension cycles of the units for a smooth comfortable ride. Whether you ride solo or with a passenger you have the ability to adjust the comfort of the ride.

Custom Made Bushings

Low Life Shocks eyelets are made of ultra-high density poly bushings that are custom machined made to fit each specific kit along with a long service life.

Built to Order Price

Our shocks are shocks made by one of the largest shock and strut manufactuers in the world specially for us. We are able to use their engineers along with our engineers to get the perfect product to offer our customers while saving them lots of money. We have leveraged these relationships to make these custom suspension kits affordable for everyone.

Tech Department & Motorcycle Shop

When you purchase a Lowlife Motorcycle Air Suspension system, you receive everything needed to convert the motorcycles suspension. This includes all the necessary parts and installation instructions, along with the best customer service in the industry. We have a full tech staff here to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after the install of your custom made Low Life Air Suspension Kit.

Features and Benefits

  • + Full displaced motorcycle valving for compression and extension cycles of the unit for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • + All weather gas and oil charge so ride quality is not affected by temperature.
  • + Lubricated air sleeves for reduced friction to ensure a long service life and provide smoother operation during suspension movement
  • + ½” (inch) piston rods that have been hardened and precision ground for longer service life
  • + Reinforced eyelets for durability
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