Want to Fix Your Acura MDX Suspension Problems? Here's the Right Way.

Want to Fix Your Acura MDX Suspension Problems? Here's the Right Way.

Troy Hammond
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Are you getting the dreaded suspension light in your Acura MDX and looking for the right fix? Seeing warning signs of a busted suspension? Suspension problems are one of the most common complaints with Acura MDX owners. The active suspension on your Acura MDX is especially susceptible to wearing out and having all sorts of suspension issues. Even worse, fixing them can be a total nightmare. The parts and labor are expensive and the repairs can seem endless once they begin.

Acura MDX Electronic suspension woes

Your Acura MDX features an electronic suspension that was very innovative for its time. This active suspension uses magnetically controlled ferrofluids to create responsive resistance. These non-Newtonian fluids respond to electronic signals to dampen the ride of your MDX. While this is certainly innovative and effective for some time, it comes with a whole host of problems. The main issue is not with the effectiveness of this electronic suspension, but with its long-term durability.

All active suspensions are complex, requiring a control module to process and send signals to different components. These components form a complicated chain of interconnected parts that rely on each other to function properly. Therefore, when there is an issue with one component, the entire system suffers. What that means is that often replacing just one component isn’t enough to solve your Acura MDX suspension issues. Given the number of moving parts and electronics in the system, one part needing to be repaired or replaced means you’ve got many more on the way.

Fixing your Acura MDX suspension can be incredibly expensive.

The complex nature of your MDX electronic suspension means that the individual components can often be very expensive. Just your front struts can set you back around $900 per strut! Your rear shocks run around $500 per OEM strut. That means you’re looking at around $2,800 just to replace the struts. That says nothing of a busted compressor, control module or any of the other components in the system. In addition, the complexity and sensitivity of these parts mean a lot of time under the hood to install them. Those expensive labor fees will start to stack up very quickly. All in all, you’re looking at a mighty repair bill just to get your Acura MDX suspension back in working order. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can fix your Acura MDX suspension for good if you use a Strutmasters conversion kit.

There's a better, more wallet-friendly solution for your Acura MDX.

There is another option for repairing your broken Acura MDX suspension. Rather than continuing to invest thousands into your aging vehicle with no guarantee that the repairs will end, consider just ditching that electronic suspension altogether. That’s right, you don’t have to put up with the endless repairs any longer. Ever since Strutmasters released its Acura MDX 4 Wheel Active Electronic Suspension Conversion Kit, it has been one of our most popular items. A big reason for that is the price. Simply put, you’ll save thousands of dollars by converting to this reliable coilover suspension kit. 

For starters, the entire kit has been reduced by nearly 20%. In response to the massive popularity of this conversion kit, we’ve decided to make it even more affordable. Now Acura MDX owners can replace all four wheels of their vehicle and eliminate the suspension warning light for less than $1,000. That’s just a little more than what it would cost to replace just one front electronic strut. 

Best of all, these kits are designed to be incredibly easy to install. Most DIYers find they can replace their Acura MDX suspension with a sturdy jack and tools they already have at home. The estimated time to replace is just one hour per wheel. Even if you don’t want to do the installation yourself, the simplicity of these kits means your mechanic can install it quickly and easily at their shop. That means less money spent on labor, too.

Ready to convert?

Unless you want to spend thousands and keep going back to the dealer or mechanic, the Strutmasters Acura MDX 4 Wheel Active Electronic Suspension Conversion Kit is the perfect solution.

Buy your kit online or give us a call at (866) 669-9456. One of our Suspension Experts will be more than happy to make sure you get just what you need for your Acura MDX.

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