Audi S6 Quattro Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them

Audi S6 Quattro Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them

Troy Hammond
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The Audi S6 Quattro is the sportier cousin of the Audi A6. With a more powerful twin-turbo V8 engine and all-wheel drive (AWD), the S6 is built for drivers who love a high-performance vehicle. And thanks to its adaptive air suspension with variable damping, the car’s quickness and agility is paired with an ultra-smooth and responsive ride.

However, many Audi S6 owners have seen their ride quality start to quickly degrade as the air suspension ages and wears down. The result is an uncomfortable ride, weakened handling, and an overall loss of performance. While these problems can take the joy out of driving your S6 Quattro and, in some cases, make it unsafe, Strutmasters has released one of its celebrated suspension conversion kits to help owners fix their Audi S6 air suspension faults at a price that won’t break the bank. Keep reading to learn more about the most common types of Audi S6 suspension problems, how to spot them, and how to fix them.

Common Audi S6 Air Suspension Problems

Air suspension systems like the one employed by the Audi S6 Quattro are complex and feature many moving parts and electronic components. That means that there are dozens of things that can break or go wrong with it at any given time. 

However, some air suspension faults are more typical to the Audi S6 than others. Some of the most common issues include:

➡️ Air suspension too low
➡️ Leaking struts
➡️ Electronic control module (ECM) fault
➡️ Leaking air supply line connection points
➡️ Worn out suspension air compressor
➡️ Ride height sensor failure
➡️ Internal strut valve failure

    Early Warning Signs of Audi S6 Air Suspension Problems

    Equipped with a suspension monitoring system, the Audi S6 detects air suspension faults once they become relatively severe. However, even minor air suspension issues that the system doesn’t detect can quickly start to cascade and cause other problems throughout the vehicle. Catching problems as soon as they start to show up can save wear and tear on your car and keep repair bills from spiraling out of control. If left unresolved, it can result in additional wear and premature failure of other components such as: tie rods, ball joints, control arms and bushings, sway bar links and more. 

    There are a few early warning signs that your Audi S6 Quattro suspension is having some issues. These include:

    Early Warning Signs of Audi S6 Suspension Failure

    • Bouncy or rough ride: Your Audi S6 air suspension provides a silky-smooth ride when it functions properly. If you are feeling lots of bumps or dips in the road, this is a sign that it isn’t performing as it should.
    • Sits low when at rest: When your Audi is parked, it should maintain its average ride height. If you notice one side of the vehicle or the entire vehicle sitting lower than it should, the air suspension is most likely to blame.
    • Sways or pulls when turning: One feature of active air suspensions is that they compensate for the weight of the vehicle shifting when going through a turn. When the suspension isn’t performing up to par, it may feel like the body of your S6 is swaying or pulling away from the wheelbase when turning.
    • Noisy compressor: You should barely hear your Audi S6 Quattro suspension compressor running, if at all. If it is making odd noises, running too loud, or running for too long during cycles, there is likely an issue somewhere in the air ride system.
    • Takes too long to stop: Your suspension is what absorbs much of the force of bringing your Audi to a stop. When it starts to wear out, your car will take longer to stop than it would on a healthy suspension. If you know your brakes are in good order but your car is taking too long to stop, the suspension is likely at fault.

    Checking for Audi S6 Air Suspension Problems With the Bounce Test

    If you suspect that your S6 Quattro is starting to have air suspension problems, the bounce test is a simple way to actively check for them. While this isn’t a tell-all or foolproof test, it can give you a better idea of whether suspension issues exist and how severe they are.

    First, walk to one corner of your Audi and push down with enough force to sink the vehicle by at least a few inches. Then, watch to see how it responds. If the suspension is healthy at that corner, the vehicle should pop back into proper resting height almost immediately. If it takes a long time to rise back up or bounces up and down before settling, this is a good sign that the suspension is compromised at that wheel.

    If your S6 fails the bounce test at any point, it is very likely that the suspension is starting to wear out. However, passing the bounce test – even at all four corners – doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t issues. If you suspect air ride problems and your Audi passes the bounce test, it’s still a good idea to have a mechanic take a look to confirm one way or the other.

    How To Fix Audi S6 Air Suspension Problems

    Finding out your high-performance Audi S6 Quattro is having suspension issues is a disappointment to say the least. But the good news is that air suspension problems can be fixed  completely. You also have a few different ways to go about it.

    Replace the S6 Quattro Air Suspension Parts

    One of your options is to fix your Audi S6 air suspension by replacing worn out components with new ones. If you take your car to the dealership or another mechanic, this is likely the solution they will recommend.

    The Audi dealership will use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components that are a 1:1 replacement for your worn out air ride parts. These parts offer the exact same performance as the ones they replace. However, the performance of the entire system may still not be restored completely, as other components will have started to age and wear as well.

    In addition, as you may be aware, OEM parts for any Audi vehicle are very expensive. For example, a single OEM Audi S6 Quattro air strut costs around $800 for just the part. Other components like the S6 air compressor or suspension module are also pricey to the point of being cost-prohibitive for many.

    Using Aftermarket Audi S6 Quattro Replacement Air Suspension Parts

    If you go to an independent mechanic rather than the dealership, you can opt to use aftermarket air suspension replacement components. These are cheaper than OEM parts and depending on the manufacturer, can more or less match the fit and function of the original. 

    However, since Audi S6 adaptive air suspensions are complex systems, working on them can be time-consuming and expensive. Even if you save money on parts, you’ll still have to pay for several hours of labor to install them. 

    Another point to consider is that once one air suspension part starts to fail, others are likely to fail soon. Unless you replace much of the system at once, there is a good chance you’ll have to keep going back to the mechanic to replace other components.

    Convert Your Audi S6 Air Suspension to Coil Springs

    Another option is to get rid of your problematic air ride entirely and replace it instead with a passive coilover suspension. Compared to air suspensions, coilovers are much simpler and more dependable.

    Whereas air rides use a network of computer-controlled components and moving parts to support the vehicle and provide damping, coilover suspensions use simple mechanical resistance from sturdy steel springs and struts. While these systems lack the adaptive damping of an active suspension, they can provide a similar ride when made properly.

    This is also a much cheaper fix for your Audi S6 Quattro air suspension problems. Not only are the parts far less expensive than even aftermarket air ride components, they are much simpler and faster to install. That means a much cheaper labor bill too.

    Strutmasters Audi S6 Quattro Suspension Conversion Kit

    To help owners find an affordable suspension fix for their vehicles, Strutmasters has recently introduced one of its celebrated suspension conversion kits specifically for the 2013-2018 Audi S6 Quattro. After months of development, testing, and refinement, the engineers at Strutmasters have produced a kit that offers a precise fit and excellent performance for your S6.

    For just $1,229, this kit replaces your ailing air suspension entirely. Once you convert your Audi, you’ll no longer have to worry about unreliable air struts, malfunctioning control units, or any of the other issues that come with having an air ride. Instead, you’ll have the robust, dependable performance of a finely-tuned coilover system that leaves you with much less to worry about.

    Recommended Solutions

    The engineers at Strutmasters also designed this kit to be easy to install. As a result, many people choose to do the replacement themselves. Installation only requires a set of common tools, a safe and sturdy way to lift the vehicle, and about one hour per wheel. Even if you choose to leave it to the professionals, the easy installation can be handled quickly and leave you with a minimal labor bill.

    Audi S6 Suspension Kit: What Comes in the Box?

    The Strutmasters conversion kit for 2013-2018 Audi S6 Quattro includes absolutely everything you need to convert your car to a coilover system. Every item – from the struts themselves down to the nuts and bolts used to install them – meets Strutmasters’ rigorous quality and engineering standards.

    Each kit includes the following:

    ☑️ 2 Complete Front Strut Assemblies With New Mounts And Springs
    ☑️ 2 Rear Shocks with mounts, 2 Rear Springs 
    ☑️ All Necessary Hardware
    ☑️ Detailed Instructions

    A Great Fix For Audi A6 AWD Suspension Problems Too

    The S6 Quattro shares a wheelbase with its cousin, the Audi A6 AWD. As a result, this Strutmasters conversion kit can also replace the air ride on a 2012-2018 AWD Audi A6.

    Our engineering team tested the fit and function extensively, and found that the coilover system offers the same benefits for A6 owners as it does for people who have an S6. The only clear difference in feel is that the coilover system provides a slightly sportier feel than the stock A6 air ride – which some people even prefer to the original.

    The Best Audi S6 Quattro Suspension Fix: Conclusion

    You can fix your Audi S6 Quattro air suspension at the dealership or a mechanic by installing new air ride components in place of failing ones. However, this method is very expensive and may not make sense for many owners. And, unless you replace most of the components, you’re likely to face more issues in the future.

    Replacing your S6 or A6 air ride with a Strutmasters conversion kit is a more affordable and more reliable solution long-term. With a reputation built on more than two decades of consistent quality and excellent service, you can count on your Strutmasters kit to provide a suspension solution worthy of your Audi. 

    Every kit is backed by a fitment guarantee that ensures your new suspension is a perfect fit for your S6 Quattro or AWD A6. Each one also includes a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing or material defects. Before, during, and after your purchase, you’ll also have the full support of Strutmasters Suspension Experts based in the company headquarters in Roxboro, North Carolina.

    When you are ready to convert your Audi S6 Quattro, you can purchase your kit online right away. If you have questions or want help finding the exact kit you need, you can call our Suspension Experts at  866-597-2397 between the hours of 8AM and 9PM Monday through Friday, or from 9AM to 6PM on Saturdays. Outside of those hours, you can also get help from our online chat assistant, located at the lower right-hand side of this screen.

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