BMW 5 Series Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them (2021)

BMW 5 Series Suspension Problems and How to Fix Them (2021)

Troy Hammond
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Is your 2010 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo having some suspension problems?  You wouldn’t be the first to experience this.

Introduced at the 2009 Geneva Autoshow, the 5 Series Gran Turismo was trimmed with everything you could want inside of a luxury vehicle. Clad in high-quality leather, premium stereo components and renowned BMW automotive engineering, the Gran Turismo promised to get you where you were going in a ride that was smooth and stylish. That is until that smooth ride started to get a little bumpy.

While the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo has many incredible features, there is one problem that stands out—an unreliable rear air suspension that, like all air suspensions, will eventually require replacement.  This isn’t unique to BMW—the reliability of air suspensions has always been touch and go. Luckily, with a new development from the engineers at Strutmasters, you might have a much better option.

Diagnosing BMW 5 Series Suspension Problems

As with most issues with your car, the sooner you’re able to diagnose it, the less time and money it will take you to fix it. The same goes for problems with your air suspension. While a warning light is supposed to be triggered when there is an air suspension problem, often it won’t illuminate until the problem is a big one.

You could also go to a qualified mechanic, where they should be able to catch any potential issues. If that isn’t an option, there are other indications that you may be having a problem with your air suspension.

Here are some of the warning signs of an air suspension problem on your BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo:

  • Leaning. If your car is leaning to one side, this could indicate you have a problem with your 5 Series air suspension.
  • Hissing. If you hear a hissing sound, it’s probable that there is a leak in your air suspension system.
  • Crouching. Rear suspension failure is a common issue in the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. When this happens, you may notice that the back of your car sags down while the front stays at the proper height. This is known as “crouching” or “squatting” and it shows that you have a rear suspension problem.
  • Loud bang. Some owners have described a loud bang coming from the rear suspension airbag. This is a clear indication of a problem with the rear air suspension.

Waiting for one of these signs can be stressful. There is a more proactive option to check for BMW 5 Series rear air suspension problems- by performing a “bounce test.”

Here’s how:

  • Walk to one of the rear corners of your BMW.
  • Push down on the bumper hard at that corner.
  • Wait to watch it come back up.
  • Observe.
  • Repeat for the other corner.

If the corner pops back into place right away, the suspension at that wheel is probably fine. If it rises slowly or bounces up and down, you could have a problem.

Fixing Your BMW at the Dealership is Expensive

When you notice a problem, you will probably want to bring your car into the dealership to get your suspension problems checked out.  As well as an annoyance, suspension issues can be very dangerous. A bad suspension can increase braking distance by as much as 20%. That can be the difference between a safe stop and a serious accident.

If you’ve gone to the dealer for a quote on the air suspension repair for your Gran Turismo, you might currently be in a state of sticker shock. Anyone who has owned a BMW knows that even minor repairs can cost a small fortune. Rear air suspension repairs at a BMW dealership can be a major financial blow.

Let’s say the mechanics at the dealership have told you you need two new rear air struts. You’ll eventually need to replace both of them, so doing them both at the same time is recommended. The problem? Just one genuine BMW air strut will set you back more than $990, before tax. So for air struts alone, you’re looking at more than $2,000—and that’s only for parts. That doesn’t include labor or other items required for replacement, which can add up quickly.

BMW-Compatible 5 Series GT Rear Air Suspension Problems

You Can Save With Aftermarket Parts, But Not On Labor

You may have already found replacement air suspension parts for your BMW by a third-party manufacturer at a much better price than the OEM parts. Parts like these are definitely an option. You’ll find many high-quality air suspension replacement components for your BMW. But components are just “part” of the issue. Air suspension systems are incredibly complicated. 

Here’s how your BMW 5 Series rear air suspension works:

  • A ride height sensor at each wheel constantly measures how high the vehicle is riding at that corner.
  • The sensor then sends that information to a suspension control module—an onboard computer that controls the suspension.
  • The module sends that information on to the air compressor.
  • This air compressor generates exactly the amount of pressurized air the struts need.
  • The compressor pumps pressurized air through the flexible air lines and into the rubber air springs, inflating them to the proper ride height.
  • This cycle continues repeating while you drive.

All that complexity means your mechanic will need lots of time to fix anything in the suspension. And as you know, a BMW mechanic’s time is costly. Whatever you save on components might be insignificant compared to what you spend on the labor to install them.

The worst part of it all? You’ll always be running in circles when it comes to problems with an air suspension. They are delicate and complex and the issues can be never-ending.

Ending your BMW 5 Series Suspension Problems for Less

There is an inexpensive, foolproof way to get rid of your BMW 5 Series air suspension problems once and for all. By popular demand, Strutmasters has launched one of its legendary suspension replacement kits for the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

This kit eliminates your faulty rear air suspension and replaces it with a trustworthy Coilover suspension for less than the cost of replacing just one air strut. That means you can get your BMW back on the road without emptying your pockets.

Instead of a web of complicated, computer-controlled components, your BMW will be sitting on much sturdier and more reliable steel struts and springs. Our springs are made of high-grade cold-wound steel right here in the USA, ensuring top-notch manufacturing and robust, long-lasting performance.

Our engineers have tuned and rated each spring to make sure your suspension replacement kit matches your 5 Series’ original feel as much as possible. With Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride with sporty, responsive handling—all for far less than you’d pay to repair or replace your air suspension parts.

Durable, Easy to Install Suspension Conversion Kits

In order to help you save even more money, our engineers designed this with the DIYer in mind. Many of our customers choose to install their new struts themselves at home. With just a few common tools, a safe and sturdy jack, you can install your new kit in about an hour for each wheel.

Not much of a DIYer? The simplicity of this kit means it’s a breeze for any mechanic to install—saving hours of expensive labor. 

But these kits aren’t just simple, they’re built to last. To show our confidence, Strutmasters offers a Limited Lifetime Guarantee and a one-year warranty on the kit as a whole. That’s manufacturing quality and confidence you can count on.

Get Your BMW Back to Being the Ultimate Driving Machine

Are you ready to enjoy the same great ride you once had in your BMW 535iGT without going broke? You can order your kit online right here.

Still, have questions? The Strutmasters Suspension Experts are standing by to help you find exactly what you need and answer any questions you may have. Call 866-684-0528 to speak to one now.

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