The Best Fix for Volkswagen Phaeton Suspension Problems (2021)

The Best Fix for Volkswagen Phaeton Suspension Problems (2021)

Troy Hammond
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Are Volkswagen Phaeton suspension problems keeping you from enjoying your drive? The German luxury sedan did a lot of things right, combining power, performance, and a whole host of luxurious touches. While all of this made the car a worldwide success, one problem plagued the Phaeton throughout its run—consistent air suspension problems. 

Before you head to the dealership and spend thousands trying to fix your Volkswagen Phaeton air suspension problems, read this article to learn why they happen and a better way to fix them—for far cheaper than you may have thought.

How to spot VW Phaeton suspension problems

Your Volkswagen Phaeton has a warning light that illuminates when your car’s computer detects suspension issues. The problem is, when you see the “CAR TOO LOW DO NOT DRIVE” light comes on, your suspension problems have already become severe. Thankfully, there are other warnings signs of a bad suspension you can look for first. One telltale sign is your VW “squatting” down. This is when the rear sags while the front stays at the proper height and it usually means you’ve got problems with your rear air suspension. Your Phaeton may also lean to one side or another if one side is having suspension issues.

Another common indicator is your vehicle’s air compressor running too loud or too long. This usually means it is having trouble keeping the air struts properly inflated and is working much harder as a result—eventually leading to compressor failure too. But you don’t have to just wait around for suspension problems to pop up. You can proactively check your suspension regularly with the bounce test. Here’s how it works:

  • Walk to one corner of your vehicle.
  • Push down hard on the bumper at that corner.
  • Watch it as it springs back up.
  • Repeat at each corner

If the suspension is healthy, each corner should pop right back into place. But if a corner takes a long time to come back up or bounces up and down before settling, this could indicate a Volkswagen Phaeton suspension problem. If you notice any of these issues or if your car fails the bounce test, be sure to have it checked out. The longer you wait to solve suspension issues, the more expensive it will be to fix them.

Fixing your air suspension VW dealership can be extremely expensive

You may have already had your Volkswagen Phaeton suspension problems checked out at the dealership. If so, you know just how expensive that can be. That’s in part because of the nature of air suspensions themselves. These high-tech systems provide a phenomenal ride, but they do so with a network of computer-controlled parts and flexible, moving components that depend on each other working properly.

Any engineer or mechanic can tell you this is a recipe for expensive repairs. Just one OEM air strut can cost you over $1,000 for the part alone. These air struts tend to wear out at about the same rate, so in order to truly fix your VW Phaeton suspension, you’ll have to replace all four of them. That’s more than $4,000 in parts alone. Once you add in other components such as the air compressor or suspension control module, you’ll see a sky-high repair bill that could put you in a very difficult spot.

issues with Volkswagen Phaeton Suspension

You can get less expensive aftermarket parts, but installing them could still cost you a fortune

There are a number of reputable manufacturers who make high-quality air suspension replacement parts. Many of these can save you a little money compared to OEM parts. But as anyone who has ever had a car repaired can tell you, components are only part of the equation. Another reason why air suspension repairs can be so expensive is due to how complex they are. To help understand this, here’s a basic flow of how your VW Phaeton air suspension works:

  • Electronic ride height sensors at each wheel constantly measure how high the car is off of the ground at that point.
  • The sensors send this information to an onboard computer called a suspension control module.
  • The control module calculates how much each corner needs to be raised or lowered and the amount of air needed to accomplish that task.
  • This information is sent to the air compressor, which generates the amount of pressurized air needed to properly inflate the air struts.
  • The compressor then pushes this air through the air lines and into the air springs, inflating them and raising the vehicle to its proper ride height.

If that sounds like a complicated way to keep a car off the ground, it’s because it is. That complexity requires lots of time in the shop for repairs. And as you know, those labor costs can add up very quickly.

There’s a better way to fix your Volkswagen Phaeton air suspension problems

While the sheer expense of fixing your VW Phaeton air suspension problems can be discouraging, there is another way that won’t break the bank. Since air suspension problems are the issue, why not just get rid of the air suspension instead of constantly fixing it?

The engineers at Strutmasters have developed a suspension replacement kit that allows you to ditch that troublesome air suspension altogether and replace it with a much sturdier and more reliable traditional coilover suspension—all for a fraction of what replacing your air suspension would cost you. Instead of a web of electronics, fragile components, and air, this kit sits your Volkswagen on steel struts and springs. Each kit is made right here in the USA with superior materials and precision manufacturing to ensure optimal quality and performance.

Our engineers have spent countless hours tuning these cold-wound steel springs to come as close as possible to your original ride. With Strutmasters’ patented Glide Ride technology, you’ll get that same smooth feeling on the road that made you fall in love with your Phaeton when it was new. This much simpler solution is also much easier to install. Instead of an entire network of components, each strut installs with just a few bolts and operates independently.

That means installing them is much, much easier than repairing an air suspension. In fact, many of our customers do the installation at home with just a few common tools, a sturdy jack, and about an hour for each wheel. And even if you don’t plan to DIY it, the easy installation means much less time in the shop—and a much more affordable labor cost.

Get the best fix for your Volkswagen Phaeton suspension problems now

We stand behind the quality and performance of this kit. That’s why every kit comes with a one-year limited warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the springs themselves. We want you to be as confident with your new suspension as we are.

You can even order your kit over the phone once you’re satisfied. Don’t let Volkswagen Phaeton suspension problems keep you from enjoying your car any longer. Convert and save today.

If you’re ready to end your VW Phaeton suspension problems, order your kit online today. Still, have some questions? Our Suspension Experts are ready to take your call at 866-239-4896 and answer any questions you may have.

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