The Best Way to Fix Lexus GX460 Suspension Problems

The Best Way to Fix Lexus GX460 Suspension Problems

Troy Hammond
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Is your 2012 Lexus GX460 starting to have air suspension problems? Take a number.

The Lexus GX460 was everything anyone could want from a luxury SUV-a sturdy, a dynamic vehicle that holds the whole family (and then some), a gorgeous interior finished in soft leather and fine wood, and an air suspension that rode like a dream. Until that dream turned into a nightmare.

For all its praises, Lexus' GX460 luxurious-yet-rugged SUV is notorious for one glaring problem-a faulty air suspension that, like all air suspensions, eventually breaks down. It's not just a Lexus problem-the reliability of air suspension systems has been questioned time and time again. But with a new development from Strutmasters, you might have a much better option.

These are early warning signs of Lexus GX460 suspension problems.

As with any issue in your car, early detection is the key to spending less on fixing it. No doubt, a qualified mechanic will be able to say whether you're having problems with your air suspension or not. In addition, your Lexus has a suspension warning light that lights up when there's a big enough problem. But there are also other indicators that you are having suspension issues.

Here are some of the warning signs of suspension problems on your Lexus GX460:

  • Leaning. If the car leans to one side, this could indicate that one of the air struts isn't functioning as it should.
  • Swaying. Sometimes you may feel like the body of your Lexus sways to one side when taking a turn. This could mean you have a broken air suspension.
  • Hissing. Some Lexus owners have described hearing a hissing sound coming from the rear wheelbase when they have suspension problems.
  • Bouncing. A working air suspension gives you a smooth ride that glides over bumps in the road. You should hardly feel the road. If you do, there's likely to be a problem.
  • Diving. Cars with air suspension issues have trouble stopping properly. If you notice that the front end of your Lexus GX460 "dives" down when coming to a stop, it could be a problem.
  • Crouching. Rear suspension failure is a common issue in the Lexus GX460. When this happens, you may notice that the back of your car sags down while the front stays at the proper height. This is known as "crouching" or "squatting" and it shows that you have a rear suspension problem.

If waiting for something like this to happen sounds stressful, there is a way that you can be proactive. To check for Lexus GX460 suspension problems, just perform the tried-and-true "bounce test." Here's how:

  • Walk to one corner of your Lexus.
  • Push down on the bumper hard at that corner.
  • Wait to watch it come back up.
  • Observe.
  • Repeat for each corner.

If the corner pops back into place right away, the suspension at that wheel is probably fine. If it rises slowly or bounces up and down, you could have a problem.

Fixing your Lexus GX460 air suspension problems at the dealership is expensive.

Whether it's a noticeably bumpy ride, a visible lean to one side, or strange noises coming from the shocks, many owners will want to make a visit to the dealership to diagnose and fix their problem. After all, suspension issues aren't only a headache-they can also be very dangerous. A bad suspension can increase braking distance by as much as 20%. That can be the difference between stopping safely and a serious accident.

If you've gone to the dealer for a quote on the air suspension repair for your GX460, you're probably also breathing into a paper bag to offset the shock of the repair quote. Anyone who has owned a Lexus knows that even small repairs don't come cheap. When it comes to cost, air suspension repairs at a Lexus dealership are in a different universe.

Let's say the mechanics at the dealership have told you you need four new air springs. They do wear out at the same rate. You'll eventually have to replace all four, so doing them all at once is recommended. The problem? Just one AVS air spring will set you back more than $730 before tax. So for just air springs alone, you're looking at more than $3,000-just for parts. That doesn't include items like housing, which can easily add up quickly.

Aftermarket air suspension components can save you money on parts, but not labor.

You may find yourself asking "What about these aftermarket Lexus GX460 parts that are half the price?" They are an option. But air suspension systems are incredibly complicated.

Here's how your Lexus GX460 AVS air suspension works:

  • A ride height sensor constantly measures how high the vehicle is riding at each wheel.
  • It then sends that information to an onboard computer called a suspension control module.
  • The control module sends that information to the air compressor.
  • The compressor generates the amount of pressurized air it needs to properly inflate the air struts.
  • This air gets pumped through the air lines and into the air springs to inflate them to the proper ride height.
  • The cycle repeats over and over as you drive down the road.

If that sounds like a lot of moving parts, that's because it is. That means fixing it is complicated too. And that means a lot of shop labor hours in order to get your air suspension up and running again.

While aftermarket Lexus GX460 parts may be less expensive upfront, it is a complicated and involved job. Even at your own trusted mechanic, the labor alone will cost you a small fortune.

The worst part of it all? The only constant with an air suspension is that once the issues start, they don't stop. Even if you do absolutely everything to stay ahead of potential issues, when it comes to repairs on an air suspension, you'll be chasing your tail. Maybe that sounds familiar already.

You can convert your air suspension and fix your Lexus GX460 suspension problems for good and for much cheaper.

Luckily, there is an alternative.

Strutmasters has recently launched one of its industry-leading suspension replacement kits for the Lexus GX460. By designing a kit that eliminates your air suspension and replaces it with a trustworthy Coilover suspension, the Strutmasters team has found a way to get you back on the road without breaking the bank. The kit lets you replace your entire suspension for around the cost of replacing an air spring.

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Instead of complicated, computer-controlled components, you'll be riding on robust steel springs and struts-a much sturdier and more reliable option. These cold-wound steel springs are made right here in the USA to ensure optimum quality and reliability.

Our engineers have designed the suspension replacement kit to be as close as possible to your original Lexus GX460 ride. Strutmasters' patented Glide-Ride technology ensures a smooth ride with responsive handling. In fact, some of our customers even prefer the slightly-sportier handling of the replacement kits.

To help save time and money, these kits have been designed to be easy to install. Many people with a sturdy jack, a do-it-yourself spirit, and a free afternoon will be able to install them at the rate of about one hour per wheel. But even if you don't feel confident doing the work yourself, you can always go to the shop instead. The simplicity of the kit means fewer hours of labor for your mechanic. And that means less money for you.

Strutmasters offers a one-year warranty on each of its air suspension conversion kits and a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on the springs.

Shop Strutmasters and Bring Your Lexus Back to Life

Are you ready to enjoy the same great ride you once had in your Lexus without breaking the bank? Order a Lexus GX460 suspension conversion kit today. Still, have questions? The Strutmasters Suspension Experts are standing by to help you find exactly what you need and answer any questions you may have.

Still, have questions? The Strutmasters Suspension Experts are standing by to help you find exactly what you need and answer any questions you may have. Call 866-684-0528 to speak to one now.

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