How To Fix Mercedes CL550 Suspension Problems

How To Fix Mercedes CL550 Suspension Problems

Troy Hammond
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When Mercedes introduced its CL550, the car was an instant hit, combining signature German performance engineering with the luxury and class people have come to expect from the brand. Unfortunately, Mercedes CL550 suspension problems in the 2007-2014 models are an all-too-common issue for owners of the two-door coupe. 

In this article, we go over what these suspension problems are, how to spot them, what it might cost to fix them, and what the best way to fix them is. Keep reading to learn more about your Mercedes suspension.

Common Mercedes CL550 Suspension Problems

As a brand, Mercedes is ranked 27th out of 32 major car brands in terms of reliability by RepairPal. That means that you can expect to need repairs. Problems with the car’s suspension system, called the Active Body Control (ABC) are a common complaint on internet forums.

The most commonly reported Mercedes CL550 suspension problems are:

  • Rear air springs leaking
  • Faulty suspension valve
  • Vehicle sits too low
  • Car sags in rear
  • Humming or vibrating noise coming from suspension components

Early Warning Signs of CL550 Suspension Issues

Your CL550 is equipped with a warning light that says “Stop. Car Too Low” when there is a major issue with the suspension. But catching ABC suspension issues before they get to that point can help you minimize repair costs and damage to other components in your Mercedes.

Here are some early warning signs of a bad CL550 suspension to look for:

  • Rear sag: If you notice that the rear end of your CL550 is sagging down compared to the front end, this could indicate an issue with the ABC system.
  • Increased stopping distance: Your suspension absorbs much of the force of braking. So if you know your brakes are in good shape but it takes longer to stop than it should, you could have an issue with the suspension.
  • Noisy components: When running properly, you shouldn’t hear the moving parts in your CL550 suspension. If it makes loud whining or creaking noises when self-leveling, you may have a problem.
  • Leaking fluid: If you notice any leaking hydraulic fluid from the suspension, it is likely that there is a fault in the system.
  • Bounce test failure: A simple way to test your suspension is to push down on each wheel firmly. When healthy, that corner will pop back into place almost immediately. If it bounces up and down before settling or takes a long time to return to the proper position, you likely have a problem at that corner.

Given how common issues with the Active Body Control are, it makes sense to ask your mechanic to look over the suspension whenever you have your Mercedes CL550 serviced. 

Cost To Fix Mercedes CL550 Suspension At The Dealership

2014 Mercedes-Benz CL Class Suspension

For its time, the pneumatic hydraulic suspension system employed by the Mercedes CL550 was extremely advanced. When functioning properly, the ABC system offers a comfortable, responsive ride. But it uses an intricate web of electronic components and moving parts to get the job done.

That technology translates to expensive components. When you try to fix your Mercedes CL550 suspension issues at the dealership, the costs can add up quickly. Just one replacement OEM strut can set you back $1,000 or more for the part alone. 

Active suspension components tend to wear out at the same rate. That means that once you need to replace one active strut, for example, it won’t be long before you need to replace the other. Other components with moving parts, such as the ride height sensor and suspension pump are also prone to wearing out. 

All of this means that you could easily spend several thousand dollars to completely fix your Mercedes CL550 suspension at the dealership. That’s a massive expense for most people and perhaps even more than your Benz is worth.

Repairing Mercedes CL550 Suspension With Aftermarket Parts

You can save on parts by going with aftermarket active suspension components for your Mercedes CL550. These parts often cost up to 30% less than the OEM components. 

However, there is still the cost of the labor to install these parts to worry about. As you are probably aware, Mercedes labor doesn’t come cheap. And given how complex these parts and systems are, replacing or repairing active suspension components takes a lot of expensive time.

Introducing: Mercedes CL550 Suspension Conversion Kit

Due to popular demand, the product development team at Strutmasters has released one of its industry-leading suspension conversion kits for the 2007-2014 Mercedes CL550. This kit allows you to completely replace all four corners of your faulty Active Body Control suspension system and replace it with a brand-new coilover suspension, all for less than you’d pay for just one active strut.

Rather than a complex network of moving parts and electronically-controlled components, this kit sits your Mercedes on traditional coil springs and durable steel shocks.

Here is everything that comes in the Strutmasters 2007-2014 Mercedes-Benz CL550 suspension conversion kit:

  • Cold-wound steel springs: These kits use cold-wound rather than hot coiled springs, which are more expensive to produce but far more durable and more finely-tuned.
  • Pre-assembled front and rear strut assemblies: Each monotube strut comes completely assembled for a fast, easy, and error-free installation. 
  • Hydraulic line plugs: Kits include plugs to stop up the hydraulic suspension lines since they won’t be in use anymore.
  • Suspension warning light module: Every kit comes with a small module to prevent the suspension warning light from illuminating.
  • All necessary hardware: Everything you need to install your Mercedes conversion kit is included in the kit. Strutmasters insists on using only high-quality metals in every part of its kits, right down to the nuts, bolts, and washers used to attach them to your vehicle.

The Best Way To Fix Mercedes CL550 Suspension Problems

When you convert your CL550 to a Strutmasters suspension kit, you’re getting something that’s much simpler and much more reliable. Fewer parts means fewer things that can go wrong. And instead of relying on computers and hydraulic pumps, your new suspension uses sturdy tool-grade steel and mechanical resistance to support your vehicle.

Like all Strutmasters suspension conversion kits, the Mercedes CL550 kit has been meticulously engineered to provide the perfect ride for your vehicle. Thanks to our patented Glide-Ride Technology, your new suspension gives you the best possible balance of responsiveness and comfort.

Easy To Understand, Easy To Install

The engineers at Strutmasters also keep installation in mind when developing these kits. That’s why they chose to package the struts fully assembled, and why they’ve been designed to be easy to mount. Most people who are somewhat handy can manage a DIY installation in about an hour per wheel, using some common tools and a sturdy jack.

Even if you don’t want to do the installation yourself, the simple design of this kit means it’s an even quicker job for a mechanic. That means even more savings on labor.

Strumasters Mercedes CL550 Suspension Conversion Kits: The Right Fix

Once your kit is installed, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your Mercedes hydraulic suspension woes are over. Each kit comes with a one-year warranty and a Limited Lifetime Guarantee on the springs themselves. That means you can expect long-lasting, rock-solid performance.

Recommended Solutions

Buy your Strutmasters 2007-2014 Mercedes-Benz CL550 suspension conversion kit by using one of the links in this article to give your Benz the suspension it deserves. If you have any questions or just want to make sure you’re getting the right fit for your Mercedes, pick up the phone and call our Suspension Experts at 866-239-4896 for help.

Don’t break the bank to fix your broken Mercedes ABC suspension. Convert and save today.

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