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How to Completely Fix Your Lexus LS 460 Suspension for Under $1,100

by David Straughan on November 14, 2017 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Is your Lexus LS 460 having suspension problems? Welcome to the club. From 2007 to 2012 the Lexus LS 460 was everything anyone could want from a luxury sedan--a sporty, dynamic vehicle that holds the whole family, a gorgeous interior draped in fine leather and wood, and an air suspension that rode like a dream right up until the moment it didn’t.
Gorgeous from head-to-toe, the LS 460 features timeless Lexus styling and performance, but a sub-par air suspension. Gorgeous from head-to-toe, the LS 460 features timeless Lexus styling and performance, but a sub-par air suspension.
For all its accolades, Lexus’ flagship sedan was marred by one glaring problem--a faulty air suspension that like all air suspensions eventually broke down, resulting in astronomically expensive suspension repairs. The questionable reliability of this air system has been noted time and time again. Whether it’s the suspension bottoming out, a noticeably bumpy ride, a visible lean to one side, or strange noises coming from the shocks, problems with the LS 460 suspension seemed to come early and often for owners. To make matters worse, the high cost of replacement parts for this air suspension means a replacement cost of thousands of dollars. Even with replacing a few parts, the repairs on an air suspension are as endless as they are frustrating. The active suspension relies on a number of moving parts (solenoids, sensors, air bags, etc.) working together in unison to dampen the ride of the LS 460. Many Lexus owners have spent a few thousand dollars on replacing a few of their air springs only to find out that they need a new compressor just down the line. Fortunately, owners of these otherwise-fine vehicles have another option--ditching the air suspension altogether and installing a brand-new mechanical coil suspension. Strutmasters, the North Carolina-based “suspension experts” have just added a suspension conversion kit for the Lexus LS 460 to their catalog of celebrated conversion kits. The kit is a dream come true. At just under $1,100, it actually costs less to replace your entire suspension than the parts for just one replacement air spring. With Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride ® technology your Lexus will be riding like new. Even better, the engineers at Strutmasters have designed the kit to be simple and easy to install at home. The beauty of this conversion is in that very same simplicity--the fewer the parts, the fewer things that can go wrong. Mechanical coilover shocks for your LS 460 won’t ever spring a leak and there are no electronic configurations to worry about. When you factor in the Limited Lifetime Warranty offered by the company, what you have is a solution that will bring a permanent end to your air suspension problems. Start being worry-free today by visiting the Strutmasters website or calling one of the company’s experts at (866) 715-6013.

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