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strutmasters ez rider air suspension might be the best harley-davidson upgrade of 2019

EZ Rider Air Suspension might be 2019’s best Harley-Davidson upgrade

by David Straughan on September 11, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
With fall riding season approaching quickly, Harley-Davidson riders are gearing up for some long, beautiful drives. That means tuning up and in some cases, an upgrade or two. While there are all sorts of wonderful upgrades for your Harley-Davidson, few add the comfort and function of an EZ Rider Air Suspension. Here are some of the ways an EZ Rider Air Suspension is the ultimate Harley-Davidson upgrade.

Huge comfort upgrade

The first thing you’ll notice when you install an EZ Rider Air Suspension is a dramatic increase in comfort. Unlike the stiff shocks that come standard on your Sportster, Softail or other Harley model, this air suspension absorbs much more of the dips and bumps in the road. Although that’s nice for riding around town, it’s an even bigger difference on long road trips. The cushioning ability of air suspension will save your wrists and your glutes from soreness and fatigue.

Also a handling upgrade

One of the biggest advantages of motorcycle air suspension is the improved handling. Air suspensions offer increased responsiveness over traditional steel springs. Many riders flock to winding mountain roads when fall comes into full color. The improved handling of an air suspension means you can worry less about those hairpin turns.

Easier to mount and dismount

The EZ Rider Air Suspension is fully adjustable. That means you can drop your Harley-Davidson down or pump it up in seconds. While people come in all shapes and sizes, motorcycle seat heights are made for the “average” person. That leaves a lot of riders who are much taller or shorter than what motorcycle manufacturers consider average. The EZ Rider Motorcycle air suspension allows you to adjust the seat height easily. For shorter riders, this means an end to risky mounts and dismounts. For taller riders, this means an increase in leg room.

Upgrade for your passenger too!

Your new EZ Rider Air suspension adjusts in firmness as well as height. That means added support for you and for your passenger. The extra support takes a lot of the strain off of you and your motorcycle. You won’t need to compensate as much for the additional weight of a passenger. In addition, the added weight won’t “sink” the rear of your Harley and cause additional stress on the bike.

Style upgrade

The EZ Rider Air Suspension upgrade isn’t all about function. Style is a major benefit of installing this kit. This adjustable kit allows you to instantly drop your Harley down to lowrider levels whenever you want. And everyone loves a dropped-down Harley. When it’s time to ride, just pop the bike back up. Unlike permanent lowering modifications, you can raise your ride height to something a little more practical in seconds. With all these facts to consider, the EZ Rider Motorcycle Air Suspension just might be the best Harley-Davidson upgrade of 2019. Strutmasters has released kits that fit the Sportster, Softail and some touring models. The basic air kits are available for just $199. Strutmasters’ Ultimate kits, which allow adjustment at the push of a button, are available for as low as $599. Click here to see the full collection. Unsure if there’s a kit for your bike? Give our Suspension Experts a call at (866) 985-0387. They’ll make sure you get exactly what you need for your Harley-Davidson.

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