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Air Suspension Kits vs. Coilover Suspension

by Scott Beaddles on September 22, 2016 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs

Air suspension kits and coilovers are two of the most popular suspension kits available. They’re both designed to help your car drive smoothly and efficiently, but which is right for you? Both air suspension kits and coilovers have their own pros and cons. So to help you choose the right suspension kit, check out the guide below.

Air Suspension Kits

brochure-sideAir suspension systems are made up of air springs or air bags located at each wheel of the vehicle. An onboard electric air compressor inflates each bag until they lift your vehicle to your desired ride height. Installing an air suspension kit for your vehicle will present a number of great benefits. For example, air suspension kits are known to deliver a smoother performance than other suspensions. This is because the air springs can absorb road energy more effectively. Air suspension kits are also adjustable. This means you’ll be able to adjust the height and the stiffness of the system to your exact preferences. With the simple push of a button, the compressor can inflate or deflate each air spring as needed to help your car produce the exact performance you want. Best of all, air suspension kits can improve carrying capabilities. When your vehicle is lifted, the air springs can support any extra weight in the cargo area and passenger area. So as you travel, your car stays level, which reduces the risk of bottoming out, rear end sag, and excessive tire wear and tear. While air suspension kits help your car achieve a great performance, there are a few drawbacks you should consider. For example, air suspension parts deteriorate and break down faster than others.

Coilover Suspension Kits

Coilover suspension kits use traditional coil springs to adjust the height of your vehicle. Some kits will raise your car while others can lower its stance for improved performance. They’ll also work to support your vehicle to enhances its load and towing capacities. However, unlike air suspension kits, coilover kits only use springs to help your car achieve a smooth performance. With that said, coilovers aren’t as versatile as air suspension kits. You can switch out the coils to experience a softer or firmer performance or a different ride height, but it won’t be as easy as pushing a button. Fortunately, coilover suspension kits do have some exclusive benefits. For example, they’re known to be more durable than air suspension kits. This means they’ll be able to withstand wear and tear more and last longer than air suspension parts.

Choosing Your Suspension Kit

Both an air suspension kit and a coilover suspension kit deliver a great performance for most cars. With that said, choosing one for your vehicle will depend on your specific needs. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to adjust the stiffness and ride height of your car, consider an air suspension kit. If you want something that’s durable and dependable, install a coilover suspension kit. Contact Strutmasters online for more information about air suspension kits vs. coilover suspension kits.

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