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Pros and Cons of Car Air Bag Suspension Kits

by Scott Beaddles on September 06, 2016 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs
Car air bag suspension kits have gained immense popularity with gear heads and automotive enthusiasts, but are these kits right for your vehicle and your specific needs? To find out, here’s everything you need to know about the pros and cons of air bag suspension kits.

Brochure Side 2Pros of Air Bag Suspension Kits

Car air bag suspension kits are one of the most popular suspension kits available, and it’s easy to see why. They’re known to deliver some of the greatest performance benefits and convenience for all types of vehicles.

Air Bag Suspension Kit Performance Benefits

Car air bag suspension kits are famous for helping vehicles to achieve a smooth performance. With durable air bags and intricate systems, air bag suspension systems can glide over bumps, while traditional coil spring suspensions tend to produce a rougher performance in the same conditions. Car air bag suspension kits can also be adjusted to cater to your specific needs. Some kits are designed to move the vehicle up or down, depending on road conditions, to enhance overall performance. Lowering cars can improve responsiveness and promote a fuel-efficient drive. Raising the vehicle will help to avoid obstacles and bumps in the road. Car air bag suspension kits on trucks can also be lifted to boost towing and hauling capabilities. These kits contain various parts that allow you to carry heavy cargo without sacrificing performance. When installed, air bag suspension kits raise the vehicle high enough to compensate for any extra weight. This helps to keep the vehicle level while towing and hauling and prevents rear sagging, bottoming out, and excessive pressure on your tires.

Car Air Bag Suspension Kits for Older Cars

Most older vehicles only come with traditional coil spring suspension systems, but air bag suspension kits can now add advanced air suspension parts to these types of cars. There are many car air bag suspension kits available for older vehicles. Some simply add a few advanced air suspension parts to your car’s current suspension system to improve performance, while others can convert the original system to an air suspension to deliver optimum performance.

Cons of Car Air Bag Suspension Kits

While known for their many pros, air bag suspension kits have a few cons you should consider. The first is that air bag suspension kits are expensive for any vehicle. The other drawbacks are related to maintenance. Air bag suspension kits have been known to fail more frequently than other suspension parts. With that said, you’ll need to schedule extra maintenance and repairs throughout the system’s life span. Plus air bag suspension repairs and services can add up and become quite costly with time. So make sure that you consider these expenses for your automotive budget if you’re thinking about adding an air bag suspension kit to your vehicle.


Car air bag suspension kits aren’t perfect. They still have a few drawbacks every driver needs to consider. However, the impressive performance benefits it provides still outweigh its cons. The exceptional performance they help your car to produce makes air bag suspension kits a worthwhile automotive investment. To learn more about air bag suspension kits, contact Strutmasters online or call 888-218-9344 today.


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