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Name: | Location: Hanahan, SC | SKU: MK14GM

After having a problem with the air ride suspension on our 2008 Mercedes GL450. We began doing research for replacement options (because all four “bags” had previously been replaced at a pretty high price, but the system was failing again.) It seemed that the best option would be to convert the vehicle to a spring/strut suspension system.
Research showed that I could get a cheaper foreign made spring/strut system but the reviews indicated that they were a lesser quality system than the heavier, American made system made by Strutmasters.
I contacted Strutmasters and was fortunate enough to be connected to Donielle. Donielle is excellent at her job as she was knowledgeable, friendly, and went out of her way to get answers to all of my questions. I found that Strutmasters products were 100% American made and manufactured right in Roxboro, NC. I learned that I could have the replacement system manufactured and shipped to a local mechanic to install but didn’t feel confident with most local mechanics I spoke with about their confidence level to do the work.
When I mentioned this concern to Donielle, she informed me that they also have a shop (Strutdaddys,) right in Roxboro that could do the install. I decided it would be worth the 5 hour drive to Roxboro. The crew at Strutdaddys led by Andrew and Matt got me in and out the same day and the car rides like new.
I hope the management at Strutmasters appreciates how great an employee they have in Donielle. I highly recommend Strutmasters!

Name: | Location: california | SKU: ME34FM

I was so worried about the cost of repairs, but found these people, and have been very happy with the results. I believe my car rides better, handles great, and feels better on the road. I recommend this kit instead of the expensive repairs wanted by shops, and Mercedes.

Name: | Location: Fresno | SKU: MT14FM

Spoke to Jason regarding my 2006 Mercedes S430 Struts, he was the best!!! We need more people in the world like him. Very comforting to speak with.

Keep up the good work!

Name: | Location: Wolcott CT | SKU: MS14FM

Great work Jason. Everything was very clear and on time. We have not put the parts yet in our car but your service was great.

Name: | Location: Anchorage AK | SKU: MR1RB

Got a rear suspension kit for my R350 and very happy with it. Items were shipped to Alaska the same day I have ordered them. Great quality products and amazing customer service. Big thank you to Jennifer.

Name: | Location: Atlanta, Georgia | SKU: MB14FM

I rarely comment about customer service provided by companies whether public or private entities because it’s something that’s expected; however the courtesy Ms Donielle afforded me yesterday made me feel extra special.

Ms. Duncan’s response to my inquiry regarding a solution to my automobile problem (ABC system) given my uncertainty based on previous fixes to that system just seemed so authentic and genuine. I just wanted to thank her for making me feel like a million bucks.

I don’t know your protocol for recognition or if it matters but her phone etiquette, product knowledge and installer recommendations was “spot on” and deserves the gold standard for service…that’s just my opinion for what it’s worth.

Please convey my regards to Ms. Donielle.


John Freightman

Name: | Location: Muskogee, ok | SKU: MS14FM

Strutmasters has created a great product replacement for Air strut replacement! The Strutmaster struts provides a smooth ride and comfort that Mercedes has become synonymous with. The Strutmasters ride is almost identical to the OEM struts. I would recommend this product to anyone needing to replace air struts, with this type of conversion you won’t lose! It’s well worth the price. I had the best customer interaction with Donielle. She was very attentive to my needs and made sure that I had everything I needed to help me with the conversion. Her customer relation skills exceeded all of my expectations. She was a pure pleasure in assisting me with all of my needs!. Thank you!

Name: | Location: Muskogee, ok | SKU: MS14FM

Great product!

Name: | Location: North Carolina | SKU: MS14FM

Don’t normally post reviews but wanted to share my experience with Strutmasters. My s500 suspension failed and was quoted thousands to replace with original parts. Found Strutmasters through an online search and saw that they were close by. I scheduled an appointment for them to look at my car at their facility. What an UNBELIEVABLE facility and an awesome group of people. They not only had the parts in Stock but installed the parts on site all for less than 1/3 of the original quote. My car sits and rides awesome!!! If you are on the fence, don’t hesitate you will not regret it!!!