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A genuine Strutmasters suspension replacement kit is the right way to fix your suspension issues.

Trying to fix your Jeep Cherokee suspension issues? Here's the best way

by Troy Hammond on June 24, 2019 Categories: Maintenance & Repairs

The Jeep Cherokee is an American classic. The Cherokee was the SUV before SUVs were cool (or even a marketing term). Over the years, Jeep has added a few comforts to the rugged utility vehicle. Upgraded interior packages, stereo components, electronics, and most notably, Jeep's Quadralift air suspension have been added to the Cherokee over time.

When new, this air suspension provides a smooth, comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. However, most owners find that as the car gets up in miles, they start to notice suspension issues. It is important to recognize that these issues are VERY common. First, let’s explore some of the most common symptoms of a broken Jeep Cherokee suspension.

Common air suspension issues with the Jeep Cherokee

Active suspension issues can present themselves in many ways. While many of these are common problems for Jeep owners, they are really problems with air suspension as a whole. They are not necessarily specific to Jeep Quadralift. One of the main problems owners notice is that the rear of the Cherokee sags. This makes the Jeep look like it’s leaning back. This happens because the rear suspension is unable to keep the rear end at the correct height.

Another common issue is the dreaded “nose dive.” This occurs when the front suspension wears out. The force of the car coming to a stop makes the car lurch forward and the front end dives towards the ground. This is not only uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous. At this point, your Cherokee is taking much longer to stop than it should.

Another issue one might notice is the car not coming to a full stop quickly enough. Some owners will also face a noisy compressor. Others might find that their Jeep Cherokee doesn’t maintain its ride height at all.

These are all issues you might notice with your Jeep Cherokee, even before the suspension warning appears. If you are unsure of whether your suspension is doing alright, try to give it the “bounce test.”

Walk around to each corner of your Jeep Cherokee. Push down on the corner and let go. If the corner pops back up and stays, the suspension on that particular wheel is doing just fine. However, if it bounces up and down after you release it, it likely has a problem.

So your Jeep Cherokee has suspension issues.

At this point, you should be pretty aware of whether or not you are experiencing Jeep Cherokee Quadralift suspension problems. If you believe that your suspension is worn out or broken, it’s time to take it into the shop to have it looked at.

Depending on where you go, you’ll get different solutions to fix your active suspension. Most, if not all of them, will be very expensive. The dealership will likely recommend that you replace any worn-out parts with parts from the manufacturer. If money is no object, this is a good way to keep your active suspension intact.

However, please know that air suspensions are interdependent and that they are all but guaranteed to wear out. That means that over time, you will be replacing most of the components at some point.

Going for one replacement air spring might not seem like a huge expense. However, as they wear out at the same rate, the other three will need replacement soon.

This creates a problem with using third-party air suspension parts too. While you may save a little on the part itself, the problem remains. Not only that, remember that these systems are massively complex. That means fixing anything will take more time under the hood. This translates directly to a much higher repair bill. Once air suspension issues start, they just keep coming. If you want to end these suspension issues for good, you will eventually need to fix everything.

A less expensive, but more complete way to fix your Jeep Cherokee suspension

While this might sound like the end of the line, you do have another option. You could fix your Jeep Cherokee air suspension issues completely by simply getting rid of your air suspension altogether!

Your Cherokee does still need a suspension, so you will need to replace it with something. Fortunately, Strutmasters has engineered the perfect kit to convert your Jeep Cherokee to reliable, sturdy Coilover struts.

Rather than use air and a bunch of electronic components to keep your SUV off of the ground, these kits use good-old mechanical resistance. No electronics. No moving parts. Just cold-wound steel springs and sturdy, reliable struts--made and assembled right here in the United States.

With Strutmasters’ patented Glide-Ride Technology, you’ll find that this new suspension compares quite well to your old air suspension. You'll get back to having that smooth but responsive ride you came to love with your Cherokee when it was new. And with much fewer problems.


The simplicity of these kits helps out in more ways than one. Not only are there fewer components to fail, but they are also pretty simple to install at home. In fact, you probably already have all the tools you need to do it yourself!

With a high-quality, dependable jack and some basic hand tools, you can install this kit in about one hour per wheel. That’s basically an afternoon weekend. Even if you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, the easy installation means you pay less in labor costs.

Finally, each kit comes with its own Limited Lifetime Warranty. That means as long as you have your Jeep Cherokee on the road, Strutmasters guarantees the suspension under most circumstances. So once you install your new struts, you won’t have to worry again as long as you drive your Cherokee!

Ready to convert and save!?

When you’re ready to end those Jeep Cherokee suspension problems for good, simply order online or call one of our Suspension Experts at (866) 360-7558 to get a perfect match for your vehicle!

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